70% Off Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle!

🔥🔥🔥This Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle is 70% off right now!!

FREE TRAINER ADVENTURE VIDEOS – Easy to access videos on YouTube for a fun visual adventure.

BUILT-IN AUDIO ADVENTURES – Excitement right out of the box so you can ride without a screen.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – Play your own music and ride along to the beat.

ADJUTABLE SEATING & HANDLEBARS – Fits kids of all sizes.

ADJUTABLE RESISTANCE – Always kid-friendly, but adjust the lever for an easy or challenging workout.

TILTS FOR EXCITEMENT – The Pelican bike safely tilts back and forth for more thrills.

ADJUSTABLE MOUNT FOR SMART DEVICES – Mount and use your own smart device

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