A look at our homestead and what’s been on my mind when it comes to this blog…


(I took this picture, someone had written this chalk note on the sidewalk in Seattle near Pike’s Place)

I’ve taken a step back in posting the past few days because I want to make sure I’m meeting your needs. I’m in prayer about the direction that this blog should go. I don’t want to fall into doing exactly what I did before if I’m supposed to do something different. I keep thinking I need to be more specific and intentional and that there is a sweet spot where I can best serve your needs.  I know that in starting this blog back up there was a definite green light, but now I’m feeling a yellow light only because I feel as if there is a need I can meet that I am missing. It’s my heartfelt desire that through this blog your family/household will come to Save More, Give More, and Live More.  That’s always been the underlying theme and still is, now I just have to figure out what that looks like today.

me-scared(Note this is how I feel often around here,
but this picture was taken when I had to trailer a horse for the first time)

In the meantime I will continue to post all the great deals I find, don’t fret!  Just know that behind the scenes I am praying about what this space will look and feel like and how it will fit into my current life as a stay at home hobby farming homeschooling mom to 4 and wife to my better half.

If you have any input on my thoughts, I’d love to hear it. I also thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our little homestead. Currently we have 2 horse, more chickens than I can count, rabbits, 2 pigs, 4 dogs, and 2 cats.


This is what collecting eggs looks like when you have free-ranging chickens.  The like to lay their eggs all.over.the.property.  On the plus side, it’s like Easter every day. This is Travis, our youngest.


This is Killer, he was given this name by our boys when we was the fluffiest cutest little puppy.  In hindsight we maybe should have chosen a different name as he’s now easily 125lbs and the size of small horse.  He is our guard dog, but really he’s just a big fluffy couch ornament.  He even has his own couch on the front porch.


We raise pigs for meat, we do this because it’s the only way we can afford organic meat.  We know what they were fed and that they were treated with love and respect in the time they are here.

More to come in the future, hope you enjoyed just a little peak into our life.


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  • Meg Nov 15, 2016 @ 21:40

    Hi Julia – not sure if this is where you want us to ask questions/give suggestions but – love you are back – #1. I would like to see the 99Cents Only Store weekly blurb again (94521 area). #2. Info re “stacking” or no “stacking allowed” with “BED BATH & BEYOND” Coupons – coming at us now from “everywhere” – snail mail, email, their website and FB. #3. Safeway “just for U” – monthly big book “click or clip” coupons really confusing – not all ARE on the “just for U”website to “click” and actually REQUIRE cutting out and handing in at check stand. Very confusing. #4. always interested in KNOWING what to buy and what not to buy at the big box stores (Costco, Walmart, Sams etc.) these days.

    Like what I’ve seen so far on “Mrs. Frugal Find” and sure always appreciate KNOWING where THE best price for each item we ponder purchasing can be found :).

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