Amazon Music Unlimited FREE for 3 Months!

We started a free trial of Amazon Music a couple of years ago and when the subscription was ending we decided we loved it so much, and with 6 of us using it we found a lot of value in it! For a while we shared a single membership ($7.99 a month) but that was tough – while we could have it downloaded on all of our devices we could only listen one at a time. If I was on a walk listening to music and one of the kids turned it on I’d get kicked off – so we decided on the family plan for $14.99/month. Still that’s just over $2 a person per month – remember buying CDs?!

UNLIMITED music, all of our favorite artists, and parental settings included such as blocking explicit music. We create and share playlists with each other, it’s really fun to see what kind of music each of our kids add to their playlists. We all add to a roadtrip playlist so we get a good variety of styles on long drives.

Right now you can give it a try for 3 months for FREE! No ads to deal with either, it’s really a great value in my opinion.

Amazon Prime members get free shipping, otherwise you can get free shipping with an order of $25 or more, or if you haven’t signed up for Amazon Prime yet you can get a FREE 30 day trial membership

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