Haircuts at home saves our family at least $80 per month! (a few deals for you too!)

Amazon has several Conair Haircutting Kits on sale today!  I’ve listed several fo them below.  Also just last week I upgraded from the scissors that came in our kit to the Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Scissors for just $12.95 and they cut through hair like butter! These scissors get 4.7 stars with over 1,800 reviews!  I just had to try them as soon as I opened the Amazon box, closest thing to me was the dog so I thought why not lol but seriously they’re AMAZING!

Conair Ultra Cut 23-Piece Haircut Kit with Detachable Blades – clip the 20% off coupon to get this set for just $16.74

Custom Cut by Conair 18-Piece Set – $12.99

Conair Simple Cut 12-Piece Haircut Kit – $10.85

This is one of the ways our family saves quite a bit of money each month – just by cutting the kid’s (and Mr. Frugal’s) hair at home we easily save $80/month!  I’ll be honest I go to a salon to get mine done but I’ve become quite the home stylist for the rest of my family.  They don’t mind one bit and we save A LOT of money.  This summer I was so busy that I thought I’ll just take them to Great Clips – $55 later (3 boys) that was painful!  You can buy a few quality hair cutting tools and still come in well under $55 – then you have them to use time and time again.  Trust me it’s really not that hard, watch a few youtube videos if you need some ideas.


Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time published and are subject to change.

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