Amazon: Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker – $10.99 Shipped


I think this falls into the category of “I didn’t know I needed this until I saw it” you know like 90% of our Costco purchases? Now that I’ve seen it though, I must have it.  Hint, hint Mr. Frugal…

Right now Amazon has this portable bluetooth waterproof shower speaker (say that 5 times fast) for just $10.99 after promo code: 4WJOF6MJ.   The reviews look great with 4.3 out of 5 stars and now you know you need this just as much as I do right?  Get this it also has a microphone, I guess so you can talk while in the shower.  Ok but wait this might come in handy for those calls where you know you’ll be on hold for over an hour?

Great stocking stuffer idea, get this deal HERE. Don’t forget you can try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days!

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