Black Friday Shopping Tips 2016


I think Black Friday is fun, I really do but I do not enjoy the crowds of sweaty grumpy people OR the loooooong lines.  Still every year it seems we venture out for a deal or two, however the majority of our shopping is done online at home in our PJs.  Did you know that you can get nearly ALL of the same deals that shoppers are fighting for in the stores from the comfort of your home?  It’s true and the BEST part is the Black Friday prices often go live online before they even open the doors of the stores.

So this year we’ll be here to help you navigate the sales, find the best deal for your dollar, and knock out those lists from the couch.  I have a few tips that I’d like to share before the craziness gets started though, a few things you may want to do to prepare so when the sales start you’re not scrambling and signing up for this or that.

In the next week or so Mr. Frugal and I will have very detailed price comparisons on many of the top categories that we’ll all be looking for.  For example we’ll break down the best deals on TVs, Video Game Systems, Computers, Hot Toys, etc.  We’ll compare them side by side with each store so you know for sure that you’re getting the very best deal.

1.  Set a Budget – yes even though the deals will be THAT good doesn’t mean it’s ok to go willy nilly and spend like a mad person.  Set a realistic budget though, this isn’t the time to prove how prudent you are.  Many of the items you’ll end up needing throughout the year will be at their very best price so think ahead and be wise.

2. Think outside of gift-giving.  This time of year is when Mr. Frugal and I think of the purchases our family will need to make in the near future (or even the far future).  We have 12 feet in our family (6 people if you don’t want to do the math) and that means a lot of holes in our socks by the end of the year.  So we’ll look for socks, not a super fun Black Friday purchase but a necessary one IF the prices are rock bottom.

3. Sign up for Ebates.  Seriously you really should be shopping through Ebates if you shop online ever.  Now I’ll be very honest here I get a small payout when you sign up through Ebates through my link BUT then if you shop through Ebates forever and ever amen after that I get zero, zilch, nada.  I would make a little more money if you shopped through my various links and I never told you about Ebates however you wouldn’t be saving as much money and that’s not a good thing. Shopping through Ebates is the wise way to shop.  Now if Ebates isn’t offering cash back at a particular store, then please shop through our links we have way too many kids and farm animals around here to turn away the $0.21 commission on your blender order.  I have no shame, I’ll put that $0.21 to good use. Thank you very much.

4. Check in here often. We’ll help you sort through all the ads and bring out the best deals.  We will also be live on Facebook from time to time over the next month helping you shop right then and there.  Many of you may remember these fun shopping sessions we’d have online together, well we’re excited to bring them back!

Ok those are all of the tips that come to mind right now, but I haven’t had my coffee yet so I may add more later.

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