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Donate $5 and Send TWO Boxes to Operation Christmas Child!


Now here’s a deal I can get behind!  For $5 you can buy a shoebox that will be filled with all sorts of items like toys, toiletries, coloring books, flash cards, pens, pencils etc. The team over at ThatDailyDeal assembles the boxes and delivers them to Samaritan’s Purse and in turn the boxes are then delivered to a child in need that otherwise would receive nothing this Christmas. PLUS, for every box donated, ThatDailyDeal donates one as well!

This is a great deal because if you were to do this on your own, you’re looking at $20 just to fill the box plus $7 to help cover the cost of shipping it.  For $5 you get 2 boxes filled and delivered!

More details:

11th Annual Event! This is a huge success every year due to the giving nature of our amazing TDD fans. Let’s work together to make this year even better! Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

THIS IS A DONATION! YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THIS ITEM! Please see the videos to the right, we truly appreciate your participation!

When you make this purchase, a shoe box will be assembled in your honor and donated to Operation Christmas Child. The above picture is example of what our team will fill the boxes with. An assortment of photos of the completed boxes will be made available once the operation assembly has been completed. Your $5 will be multiplied , as we at TDD will be chipping in extra for every box purchased. On top of that, for every box sponsored, we will MATCH it! Yes, if you donate a box, we will donate a box. If you donate 10 boxes, we will donate 10 boxes! The boxes will be assembled and delivered to a local drop off area.



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