*HOT* Amazon: 10.5″ Lodge Cast Iron Griddle just $10.55 Shipped!


I posted this deal last week but it’s THREE DOLLARS cheaper now, that is insane!

I have a love for all things cast iron, in time I’ll post about how to care for you cast iron.  If properly seasoned cast iron is virtually non-stick and SO MUCH healthier for you than the Teflon coated non-stick pans.

Ok now for the deal, gosh I love this one so much!  Hurry on over to Amazon and grab this Pre-Seasoned 10.5″ Lodge Casto Iron Round Griddle for just $10.55 shipped!

Here are a few more cast iron tools that I use daily…

This mini 3.5″ cast iron skillet pan is seriously one of my favorites, I like to fry up small amounts of bacon crumble in this or a single friend egg.  So much easier to handle and to clean when all you need is a little portion of a big pan.

Also these cast iron scapers make clean-up so much easier.

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