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Prime Pantry: FREE Shipping, $3 off Coke, and $5 off Easter Candy!

Who orders via Prime Pantry on a regular basis? I just cooked up an order and I’m paying less on almost every product compared to the prices at Costco and Walmart! Best part? I don’t have to leave the house and I got FREE shipping! You can get free shipping when you purchase 5 select items as a part of your order.

Basically Amazon Prime Pantry allows those of use with an Amazon Prime account to shop for everyday basics from groceries to toiletries online and have it delivered to our homes.  These are everyday sizes, no massive bulk items just your everyday box of cereal or bottle of shampoo.  It’s not always cheaper but there are some serious deals to be had.

Check out the Prime Pantry deals HERE

…and while you’re considering a purchase, you might want to check out these newly adding discounts as well…

Buy $25 Save $5 on Easter Candy
Buy $10 Save $3 on Coca Cola Products
MORE coupons and savings!

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