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Silicone Wedding Rings – Super frugal, practical, or just plain tacky?


This is something I’m seeing pop up more and more lately – the silicone wedding ring.  You just said “what?!” right…I know.  Interestingly it’s becoming very popular with NFL players and has a wide reach among men especially in workplaces that require the use of your hands dangerously – using machines such as mechanics, etc.  I find this fascinating for some reason and you can get the #1 best seller on Amazon for just $8.97!my-ringThe band on my wedding ring broke a few years ago and it was going to be a couple hundred dollars to have it fixed, the ring wasn’t very expensive to start with as we kept things simple.  Having A RING was the important thing to us, so I found this really cute sterling silver floral design ring that I’ve been wearing ever since. It never gets caught on anything and I don’t have to worry about it getting lost or damaged.  My wedding ring is tucked away safely.

Interesting right?  Silicone wedding rings – sure saves money!

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