The dog who sleeps in a hammock and a deal for you – get your own hammock for $11.99 shipped!


This dog.  He was supposed to be a ferocious take down a wolf or coyote guard dog.  I still wouldn’t put it past him, he’s VERY alert at all times however he enjoys his down time quite a bit too.  When he’s not sleeping on his personal couch you can find him in the hammock.  You see this is my hammock, the kid’s got it for me for Christmas and I love it.  However if he sees me heading that way it’s like a race to see who will get in it first.

killer-and-legoOf course he’s willing to share but hes as big as a small horse and there just isn’t enough room.  He has no concept of space or his size, he can also be found sitting on the kid’s laps during a movie.

Now for the deal, Amazon has these hammocks on sale right now for just $11.99 when you enter coupon code: WKKE2YSU at checkout (only applies to the blue hammock).  We take out hammock with us camping too and I’ve taken it on a backpacking trip. It’s super lightweight and very easy to assemble and hang.

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