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You may never see our deals again on Facebook… How the new Facebook algorithm affects pages like ours…

Just as I suspected something IS UP with Facebook. It looks like the new algorithm change is dropping the reach on pages that shares deals – that means you’ll see even LESS of our posts that you already do. Once again they’ve changed the algorithm which affects what you see in your news feed.  In one sense this is good, our newsfeeds are cluttered and we could scroll and scroll from sun-up to sun-down and still not see everything that was posted by our friends and the business pages we’ve liked.  However Facebook is determining FOR YOU what they think you WANT to see (or should see).

This is where is gets messy – especially for small businesses like ours.  You’ve liked our page which we would assume means you’d like to see the deals we post, but Facebook doesn’t agree.  Instead they’ve decided that only less than 1% of our 35,000 fans need to see what we post.  Yep that’s right if we post a deal only about 2,000 people (and that’s on a good day) will see our post.  We used to suggest that you like and comment on various deals to continue seeing new deals in your news feed. Today however even that changed – now our percentage of people reached dropped to 0.01% – that’s basically noone.

So this means you may never see our deals again on Facebook.  That is unless you click on the following icon under our header image and choose “See First” (see the screenshot posted above. Follow this very important step to see our deals.  Even then you’ll only see up to 5 posts a day – and they will be the 5 posts that Facebook decides you need to see and when you need to see them.  This means the deals could be long expired. As a result we will begin to post each and every deal to our blog in the very near future, you will be able to check in here and find all of the deals in one place.

I just don’t get it – last year we spent WAY TOO MUCH money on Facebook ads – simply paying for our readers to see our deals, that’s not sustainable. Now Facebook makes it even harder for people who have said they want to see our updates to actually see them.

Stay tuned, in 2018 we will be making some really big changes to how and where you find our deals. We just want to be able to help you Save more, Give more, and Live more and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.  This blog is our family’s full time income – we don’t want to spam you on Facebook we just want to be able to get these deals to you (should you decide you want to see them).

I’ll be updating this post with new ways to get our deals that don’t include Facebook.  Stay tuned and THANK YOU for your support, we are so very thankful for each and every one of you.

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