Have you considered an artificial Christmas tree? (6 Foot Tree – $45.65 Shipped)

We live in the forest and you can get a tag for $5 to cut down your own Christmas tree – but try to find the perfect tree, it’s really not that easy.  Three years in a row it cost us a WHOLE lot more than $5.  Gas, hours of driving, lunch or dinner out, and more gas.  Last year we decided to buy an artificial tree and I don’t regret it one bit.  My favorite part is that we can have it up much longer and we don’t have to worry about it drying out or dropping pine needles all over the place.  I spotted this deal on a 6′ Premium Artificial Christmas Pine Tree for just $45.65 and thought of you guys, maybe you’re like me?  I thought I’d miss the smell of the fresh tree but I learned I’d trade that any day for not having the mess of a real tree in the house. My favorite part is I can get it out and get it up as early as I choose.  Typically it’s what I enjoying most on my birthday weekend (December 1st) and now I don’t have to worry about it drying out way before Christmas. 

Get this deal HERE and don’t forget you can try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days!

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