Plant Therapy Essential Oils – an affordable alternative to Young Living or Doterra?

This isn’t going to be a popular post amongst many people, that includes many of my friends however I just can’t keep this to myself.  I’ve been buying (and on the rare occasion selling) Young Living Oils for over 4 years now – without fail I’ve spent a minimum of $50/month.  That’s a minimum of $2,400 spent on YL essential oils since I signed up in Nov. 2014 but it’s closer to $4,000 I believe.  Cost aside – there’s no arguing what these oils have done for my family and for our health however I’ve never been on the island that says this brand is THE ONLY brand that works.

I wanted to share that I’ve also been researching a new brand that isn’t a direct sales company. I don’t necessarily have anything against an MLM however we are on a serious budget and I recently discovered Plant Therapy brand of essential oils. I finally had time to sit down tonight and compare prices. WOW. It’s a world of difference. When I read through the reviews on the Plant Therapy website it’s hard to ignore the results many customers are having and I’m sorry but let’s get back to cost – in many cases I’m seeing a savings of AT LEAST 50% plus there are a number of other perks including but not limited to…

FREE shipping (on ALL orders) and FREE returns!
Earn 10 points for every $1 spent
Earn points for a variety of other actions (connecting on Facebook, Instagram, etc)
Refer your friends – give $10, get $10 – sign up through this link and you’ll get $10 off your purchase of $25 or more with code SIGNUP10. (Expires 12/31/19).

I even spotted this handy dandy page that compares Plant Therapy oils to Young Living and Doterra so you know which ones they suggest as a comparable replacement.

I have never known enough about YL oils to sell it wholeheartedly I’m just not that smart but I know the big push behind the brand is their seed to seal guarantee.  All I can say is I recommend you take some time to read through and watch the videos on the LEARN page of Plant Therapy website.  I’ll be honest, it’s a little scary stepping outside of what I’ve known to be “truth” but who’s with me?  There quite simply can’t be only ONE (or two) companies with the holy grail. To my friends and family that I’ve recommended YL oils to – please understand I still 100% stand behind their oils but I just cannot say with certainty that there’s only one way to go.  Even with the highest level of Essential Rewards discount (25% rewards earned when you spend $50 a month) the prices can’t be compared.  Plus throw in free shipping and Plant Therapy quite simply has a leg up and it’s a company that I just couldn’t keep from sharing about.  I’ll update you all with my first impressions as soon as my first order arrives. Then I plan to use them for a good 30 days at least in place of the YL oils that I currently use daily to get a good idea for whether or not they’ll be an effective replacement or not.

So that’s that.  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts…who knows maybe I’ll discover you REALLY do get what you pay for!

UPDATE WITH A FEW THOUGHTS now that a few of the oils I use regularly have arrived…

SMELL. First off I did a blind smell test with my kids – in almost every case they said that the Plant Therapy oils weren’t as strong smelling.  It didn’t offend their noses but with each of the YL oils they pulled back and wrinkled up their noses. I didn’t expect that, I expected the Plant Therapy oils to smell just as potent and in the end I am not sure that means anything really but it was something that I wanted to mention.

I then decided to diffuse Bergamot & Sweet Orange and let me tell you that any lack of “potency” was not noticed in the diffuser.  My house smelled amazing!!  We diffuse regularly, it’s not a rare occasion by any means.  However the first words out of our 17 year old’s mouth who came home from a day of babysitting was “wow, what is that smell – it smells so good in here!”

VISCOSITY. I did noticed when dropping the oils into the diffuser that they seemed to come out a little faster, so I realized quickly that I had to pay a little more attention so as to not overuse the oils.  YL oils seem to take forever to drop which has it’s ups and downs, when I am in a hurry it feels like an eternity but it also prevents me from wasting the oils. Now I was thinking it could simply be the design of the bottle – the opening may be larger since the bottles themselves hold twice as much as the YL oils.  In fact I don’t doubt that’s the case because in the situation I mentioned here I was dropping from a 100ml bottle of sweet orange – that’s massively larger than your typical 15ml bottle.

COST. Lastly we have to talk about the cost, there is a WORLD of difference in the cost.  We simply can’t ignore it. I posted an image above comparing the cost of 2 of the oils I use regularly and it’s mind boggling.  Of course in YL defence if you do sign up as a distributor you get a discount AND if you commit to spending $50 a month you can earn credit to spend on a future order.  However on top of their already high prices you also have to pay a minimum of $6.99 for each shipment.  I love, love, love that Plant Therapy offers FREE shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required.

All in all we are committing to switch out our YL oils for Plant Therapy as we go along and as we run out.  If I find that one doesn’t work better or smell as good as a YL oil I will continue to order what works, but I’ll admit I’ll be surprised if I end up in the YL camp because quite simply I can’t afford to. 

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time published and are subject to change.

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  • Mary Jan 1, 2019 @ 23:13

    I’ve been using Plant Therapy for several years now. They are a great company. I really like how they have on staff aromatherapists to answer questions, have a “kid safe” line of oils, and have all their oils tested by a third party lab. They even put the lab results online for people to view so they truly know what is in the oil they are purchases! I can’t say enough good things about this company! Add to that their much more competitive prices, and they are hard to beat.

    • Mrs. Frugal Jan 1, 2019 @ 23:15

      Thank you for sharing!! You’ve reiterated everything I’ve heard time and time again so far, how wonderful is that?! It sounds like the company is doing something right!

  • Jody Jan 2, 2019 @ 6:25

    I have been using plant therapy for a few years! I could not be happier. Everything stated above is true. I love the kid safe line and all the info on safe usage. Beyond the kidsafe line, all oils singles and synergies, have a stamp on the label telling you if it’s safe for kids. I love that they have all gsm reports online and are transparent. Customer service is top notch, and always goes above and beyond. Their relationship with Robert Tisserand and dedication to educating customers, truly gives me confidence to use oils without fear of harming anyone in my family. If I ever have a question or concern, their aromatherapist are wonderful and quick to respond.

    • Mrs. Frugal Jan 2, 2019 @ 18:45

      Thank you so much for sharing, I have so much to learn but I am very excited!

  • Kristie Jan 2, 2019 @ 7:10

    I’m so curious to see how it goes! Looking forward to your update!

    • Mrs. Frugal Jan 2, 2019 @ 18:46

      I’ll definitely keep you in the loop <3 thanks for reading!

  • Tiana Jan 2, 2019 @ 14:50

    I too am looking forward to your update! Thanks for sharing!

  • Julie Jan 8, 2019 @ 14:38

    I’ve been a DoTerra user for a couple years now, but definitely am buying less and less lately because we simply cannot afford it! My biggest thing is that I want to be sure that other companies do as rigorous of testing and quality control as DoTerra seems to do. We use our oils constantly, and obviously we are using them to promote health and well-being, both for ourselves and the planet. I really want to KNOW- not just believe- that companies are as safety and quality-minded as I am!

    • Mrs. Frugal Jan 9, 2019 @ 10:05

      I am with you on this Julie, trust me! My family also uses them for health and wellness. If I were you I’d take some time and sit down to read through Plant Therapy’s “learn” tab on their website. I think it will alleviate many of your concerns – also go to their Facebook page and look around – both at their posts and the posts of their followers.

  • Tracy Worsham Jan 24, 2019 @ 10:41

    Are you still liking the plant therapy? I’m thinking of switching.

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