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Silicone Makeup Brush Scrubber ONLY $2.07 shipped!

I am embarrassed to admit that my makeup brushes are LONG overdue for a wash.  I need this Brush Egg!  I just ordered one and will put it to work immediately!  So the Brush Egg is a silicone scrubber with small knobs on the top used for foaming and lathering and cleaning your makeup brushes.  It gets GREAT reviews with 4.5 out 5 stars and get this…it’s only $2.07 shipped!  Yes please, take my money.

Silicone Gel Makeup Washing Brush Cleaner Egg Scrubber Tool – $1.09 + $0.98 shipping = $2.07 shipped!

Note that the shipping is slooooow but worth it at this price!


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