Stocking Stuffers for Kids!

Here is a list of Stocking Stuffers for kids!!

1) World’s Smallest Lite Brite – $4.99 shipped! (reg. $8!!)

2) World’s Smallest Rubiks Cube

3) Giant ONE pound Snickers Candy bar Chocolate Gift & Stocking Stuffer – $7.50 shipped after the coupon!! (reg. $10!!)

4) LEGO Minifigures Disney Series Two – $2.99 shipped each!! (reg. $4!!) Which will you get?

5) 50 Pack VSCO Stickers for Hydro Flask Water Bottles, Laptops etc… score them for just $7.99 shipped! (reg. $10!!)

6) UNO Minecraft Card Game – $7.99 shipped!!

7) TV back lights with the App – 6.56′ LED Strip Light – my son put these down on his Christmas list! He thinks it would be so cool to have color changing lights behind his TV! i spotted this one for just $9.59 shipped! (reg. $16!!) It’s perfect for 40-60 inch TVs

8) Hatchimals CollEGGtibles 4-Pack + Bonus (Season 4 Hatchimals CollEGGtible) – $8.99 shipped!!

9) Slinky The Original Brand Kids Spring Toy – $3.39 shipped!! (reg. $6!!)

10) USA Toyz – “Vox Box” Walkie Talkies for Kids – $19.99 shipped!! (reg. $30!!)

11) Dreamingbox Sports Digital Watch for Kids, there are 9 colors to choose from! – $15.29 shipped!!

12) Kid Chef Bakes: The Kids Cookbook for Aspiring Bakers – $12.39 shipped!!

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