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Try Audible for 30 Days for FREE and Get Two Free Audiobooks!


Try Audible for 30 Days for FREE and Get Two Free Audiobooks!

I love Audible.  I signed up during a free promo like this one fully intending to cancel before I was charged the $14.95 monthly fee but I just couldn’t.  I fell in love!  I have a hard time devoting enough time and attention to sitting down and actually finishing a book.  When you’re reading a paper book – that’s ALL you can do at that moment. However with Audible I can listen to a book while I’m in the shower, running errands in the car, gardening, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, folding laundry, and so much more! I love it, I’ve “read” so many books in such a short time that I’d never have been able to enjoy otherwise.  I’ve found many free books and/or free credits so that I’ve really been able to stretch that $14.95.

The absolute BEST thing about Audible though is their no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like a book – even if you read it completely.  You can exchange it for another or get a full refund, just a couple of clicks in your account and done.  We had to do this recently with a book we bought as a family listen during a recent road trip – we didn’t like where the story was going and decided to turn it off about 30 minutes into it.  No problem though, we got our money back.

So all that to say the awesome part is that Amazon is offering a 30 Day FREE trial for Audible plus you get 2 FREE audiobooks of your choice!  There are Over 150,000 titles to choose from and you don’t need a special device to listen, just download the FREE Audible app on your smartphone or tablet!

More awesome features with this deal:

Sign up today and get 2 FREE audiobooks and 30 days of membership FREE (yours to keep even if you cancel your membership)

Each month you get 1 credit, good for any book regardless of price.

Exclusive members savings. Get 30% off any additional audiobooks.

Easy exchanges and refunds, no questions asked.

A few books I’ve read or purchased in the past 30 days: 
(seeing them all in one place is really encouraging – wow, that’s a lot more books than I’ve been about to read in a very long time!)

Love & Respect (haven’t started this one yet but Mr. Frugal and I plan to read this together)

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp (LOVE her!)

Present Over Perfect – great read if you struggle with saying NO!

This Life I live by Rory Feek

The $100 Startup – super inspiring for entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneurs 🙂

The Magnolia Story – read by Joanna & Chip themselves!



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  • Jarrod April 23, 2017, 11:55 am

    People sell audible credits on ebay as well. Some are as cheap as 3$.